"Keeping your eyes on the road while driving isn't an option… it's a necessity. Mystro has solved that problem for Rideshare drivers who want to maximize their earnings by driving for more than one company. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! MYSTRO is PRICELESS!!  Kudos to your tech support team!! Their rapid response to changes in both Lyft and Uber driver apps is awesome! In every case, by the time I experienced a glitch to report, someone else had already reported it and they were on it. I can't praise the developers of this app enough. I hope you make a gazillion dollars. Sorry for the length, a sentence or two just wasn't enough! - Lauren G

"Love everything about Mystro! Amazing concept and makes my day so much more efficient and effective." - Jerry C

"This app is what I have been waiting for. Great job!" - Charlie S

"I love everything about Mystro. Fantastic concept. I love the fact that everything is automated and I don't have to take my eyes off of the road at any time. It's wonderful that my set preferences prompt Mystro what rides I take and I turn down." - Joy C

"It's a great app with lots of potential." - Richard G

"I feel the app is genius. Really improves driver safety by keeping my attention where it should be and that's on the road. Makes you wish it was available sooner."- Shane C

"Mystro is a fantastic app and I love it. The best thing I find about Mystro is that I don't have to take my eyes off of the road to open or close one of my two apps because Mystro does it for me. I also love the fact that Mystro works perfectly in regards to my set preferences." - James C

"Loving the app. Very useful and convenient!" - Shannon R

"Finally an app for drivers to take control of these greedy rideshare companies." - Steph T

"I love the concept. Something I've been looking for quite a while."  - Josh J

"I don't speak English very well but I will do my best. I love your app. I knew about it because of a video for Uber Man." - Francisco N
“The ability for me to concentrate on my driving and know that the app is looking out for me when I can't be/shouldn't be is great!!! Truly!!!” - Michelle R

"Love the fact that the application tripled my earnings on my first eight hours of beta testing the program today! I am happy with the program so far, and thanks for the opportunity to be a beta tester!" - Eric B

"The concept is really AWESOME. It is safer than having to turn off one app while using the other one, and having to turns it back on. I like that it turn navigation on automatically. I love that you don't have to touch the phone at all for anything." - Ramon T

"It's awesome, felt so much safer not having to fight with apps while in motion or forgetting to turn off the other app and getting multiple calls. This is a valuable resource for drivers." - Chita M

"I love that you just have to drive and don't have to worry about checking your phone and it does everything for you! Thank you for making a great app. I used to not drive Lyft much and now I am because this app just makes everything so easy!"  - Elyman E
“A phenomenal tool overall!” - Tom D         

“Love all the preferences you can select and the concept of relieving the frustration and stress of having to operate multiple apps. Great concept!”   - Tobias G

“App keeps me a bit busier as I can confidently use both rideshare apps.” - Chris E    

“I can now drive without too much interruption when I get a new request.” - Keith L

“Love the ability to be able to keep my eyes on the road but not have to worry about switching on or off the other app.” - Recaldo R

“I love how one app does the work! It feels safe because when I’m on the road it does everything itself. Profit went up. Theres more productivity during the day. Can't wait for you to add other apps!” - J Reyes

"I can pay more attention to driving and thinking about alternate routes, instead of fiddling with the apps. You've really got a great app going, thanks for helping drivers get some control over the rides-sharing experience.” - Kelvyn  A       

“It has increased my ability to navigate both apps and it has increased the number of trips that I can accept and decreased the number of trips I have had to decline!” - Jacob C

“I really love the idea of using software to get around the red tape that Uber tries to strangle us (drivers) with. It's great!” - Martin B

"It made accepting rides very efficient and hassle-free... It's nice to not have to fumble with my phone to swap apps during ride requests."  - Randy M