Team Mystro

mattHEW rajcok
Founder / Co-CEO / CTO
Digital nomad. Avid walker. Digs sea lions, bubble tea, and button down shirts. Impossible is just another word.
Dwayne Shaw
Founder / Co-CEO / COO
New York native (Brooklyn all day!). Design advocate. Tennis fanatic. Loves Sunday mornings and a perfectly grilled ribeye.
Young LU
Software Engineer
Kiwi. Economist turned Software Engineer still dabbling in game theory. Minimalist unless we’re talking skincare or food.
Alex Yan
Software Engineer
Socal Native. Writes software and games. Enjoys competitive video games, cosplay, picking stuff up and putting it back down.
Gyan Rai
Quality Assurance Tester
Originally from Nepal. Loves the Bay Area weather. When not working, he's either reading or watching movies and TV shows.
Social Media Director
Muscle car fanatic. Extreme weather enthusiast. Amateur comedian. Family man and rideshare advocate since 2013.
Avid traveler (over 35 countries). West Coast origins. Ex-aerospace engineer. THE rideshare expert. All around great guy.
Andrew Taylor
Not your average Bostonian. Loves data, business, and driving growth in metrics that matter. Days off, long bike rides to Marin.
The founder Herb Coakley is no longer associated with the company.