About Mystro

Mystro’s CEO Herb Coakley knows firsthand just how difficult it is making a living as an on-demand driver. He took a break from the film industry to become an Uber and Lyft driver three years ago, and still drives a few hours a week today.

An ex-physicist and serial entrepreneur, Herb soon began thinking of ways to make the on-demand driver’s experience better.  At the time, the only person he knew working in Silicon Valley was his college buddy and designer, Mystro’s COO, Dwayne Shaw.

Herb pitched an idea, which later became Mystro to Dwayne who loved it and immediately began designing some mock-ups.

Herb moved to San Francisco from Los Angeles and the two founders began pitching the idea to everyone they knew in hopes of finding a talented software engineer to join the team.

After meeting with almost 50 developers, the founders met CTO Matthew Rajcok. Matt took one look at what they were building and quickly figured out an approach to develop the app.

The founders have since partnered with two of the on-demand industry’s biggest influencers: Advisor Harry Campbell and Social Outreach Lead Randy Shear. Their input, assistance, and advice has been invaluable, and together the team has grown Mystro to over 40,000 users nationwide.

Read more about the Mystro team below.
Herb Coakley
Founder, Chief Executive Officer
Caribbean roots. California love. Recovering filmmaker. Ex-physicist. Hat connoisseur. Addicted to smiles, beaches and a great glass of red.
matt rajcok
Co-founder, Chief Technology Officer
Digital nomad. Avid walker. Digs sea lions, bubble tea, and button down shirts. Impossible is simply just another word.
Dwayne Shaw
Co-founder, Chief Operating Officer
New York native (Brooklyn all day!). Design advocate. Tennis fanatic. Loves Sunday mornings and a perfectly grilled ribeye.
Young LU
Kiwi. Economist turned Software Engineer still dabbling in game theory. Minimalist unless we’re talking skincare or food.
Aniket Sharma
Computer Engineering NYU Grad. Loves art, food, video games, tattoos, philosophy, anime, camping, hiking  motorcycles.
Gyan Rai
Quality Assurance Tester
Originally from Nepal. Loves the Bay Area weather. When not working, he's either reading or watching movies and TV shows.
michael bradley
Customer Service Rep
Black belt in mobile devices. Hobbies are gardening, and working with sustainable tech. Ride share driver for Uber and Lyft.
Social Outreach Lead
Muscle car fanatic. Extreme weather enthusiast. Amateur comedian. Family man ands rideshare advocate since 2013.
Avid traveler (over 35 countries). West Coast origins. Ex-aerospace engineer. THE rideshare expert. All around great guy.